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GPS Coordinates:
Latitude: N 41 56.869
Longitude: E 21 29.716

INPEX Ltd has been created by Mladen and Zoran Misovski with their families in March 1990 and is among the oldest Macedonian fully private owned companies. The beginnings of the company are related to trading of goods with Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia and Lybia.

Due to the long lasting interest in the photography and all its processes among one of the founders of INPEX, at the verge of the 90s the company decides to open one of the rare photo-labs in Skopje and in Macedonia in general. The investment in this field followed by constant implementation of the latest technological achievements in the production of photographies and the right for representing NIKON in Macedonia have influenced for INPEX to become one of the most respected and frequented photo-labs in the last decade of the 20th century. INPEX at that time was represented in 3 locations in Skopje where its citizens had all the necessary pieces for developing their photos from their events or trips. The digitalization of the photography and the drive within the company to create the largest possible photography has lead to the need of investment into machines for digital printing, thus opening a completely new concept in the core business of INPEX.

Today INPEX is located on the road to Drachevo, 6km away from the center of Skopje at a production site of 1.200 m2 and is one of the largest printing houses with 3 fully developed departments that cover different printing needs for our clients.

We invite you to go through our web site and check out whether our production capabilities comply to your needs, while in the same time we would like to underline that we are available for any Q&As through any of our contacts available on this site.

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