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    Please allow us to present you INPEX – the company which considers itself as one of the founders of the photographic and wide format digital printing process in Macedonia,

    while in the same time we will present you the new INPEX – the company that is among the pioneers in South East Europe in the implementation of all the graphical technologies under a single roof.

  • Inpex Construction

    Inpex Construction is a company that aside its youth has show exceptional entrepreneurship and today represents a leading company on the Macedonian market for custom production of illuminated signboards, structural facades from composite materials and advertising spaces of unique nature.

Product lines

Digital printing

The machine park in INPEX allows to any client to produce any form of a printed product based upon its budget and the size of the printed product it wants to have

Flexo printing

In 2012 INPEX began with the implementation of the investment of the department for flexographic printing where the latest technology in the printing of the packaging products has been introduced with a single notion for INPEX to become one of the leading factors in the plexo printing

Offset printing

During 2010, the successful operations of INPEX followed by the entrepreneurial spirit of its owners have brought to the opening of the second department in the company – the department for offset printing

Inpex Constructions

In June 2009 INPEX came to the opportunity of producing a major rebranding project in the field of illuminated signboards. This opportunity created a completely new company named INPEX Constructions whose specialty is production of

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